Lucinda Wine Store.

We're a wine bar and a wine store.

Our focus is to provide and drink wines with character and energy. It’s for this reason that the ones listed on the following pages have been chosen with care.

Though they span countries, styles and over 130 varieties, they do have a few things in common; they’re all produced with only considered intervention, pure expressions of terroir, or a winemakers individual personality.

The bonus? They’re all real yum.


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Just Landed: Everything

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Wine Cash

Want to gift wine but not sure what to get? A gift card to our store is a pretty good solution.



Decisions are hard, so we've put together some selections to make it easier on you! Trust us, we drink for a living.



Brutal is a corporation within the natural wine movement, started at a bar in Barcelona. With nothing added or removed, these wines are always an experiment and are made by some of the biggest names in minimal intervention wine-making.


Under $50

Delicious wine on a budget. Buying from this section will get you something fun and yum, without making your wallet cry.



This is all wine that is one thing over all others; drinkable. No pretence, just delicious and smash-able. Every sip is a thing, and then all of a sudden the bottle is empty. Pure joy.


Driving Wines

'Driving' wines are all 11% or lower and usually pretty easy-drinking. For those times you want a wine with less of the side-effects; a light lunch, or maybe a dinner you would prefer to not be staggering away from. Don't drink and drive, though.


Danger Wines

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Zero SO2

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