2018 Les Maisons Brulees 'Coco d'Aunis

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Grape/s: Pineau d'Aunis
Alcohol: 13.5%

Normally Paul is the main winemaker. However, this wine was made solely by Corinne. 'Coco' is Corinne's nickname. And to be honest, she may have outdone him. Please don't tell Paul I said this, or I may have my allocations cut ;) A portion of Pineau d’Aunis was kept aside and fermented separately in tank. 12 days whole bunch maceration without pigéage, so as not to extract too much - then aged in tank for 10 months. Zero SO2. Wow! Big energy straight out of the glass. Perfume reserved but jives in. Touch of gas. Those lovely and light aromas that we know and love from Pineau d’Aunis - but with depth. Again we have that minute hint of volatile that is so restrained, yet lifts it perfectly. I feel like I’m standing in their vineyard watching birds and bees fly above the trees. You can almost smell it. There’s this savoury forest note. You won’t smell this anywhere, just in their wine. Smells like Christmas holly. The volatile is so nice as it’s fragrant but doesn't get close to nail varnish. It’s highly perfumed. Light weight edges, vibrant mid palate, freshness, and a sandy tannin finish. Then that lingering energy. Yum. Smells of wild berries, strawberries and incense. Tastes of sweet fruit with savoury notes, and a back dusting of white pepper. This is a true product, not a forged wine. The texture has layers to it. Detailed to the nth degree. Flavour, energy, honesty... what a wine! Also to be serve chilled. Seriously don't miss this if you're a Pineau d'Aunis fan. It's so good I could put the price up, but this is for the people. Cheers! - Ryan Larkin