2018 Les Maisons Brulees 'Dernier Ne'

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Grape/s: Gamay, Pineau d'Aunis
Alcohol: 12.5%

55% Gamay (including Gamay Teinturier) and 45% Pineau d’Aunis. Whole bunch maceration for 14 days, then half aged in tank and half aged in demi-muids for 11 months. Zero SO2. And you may ask about the label - It's a blown up version of what is a legal requirement on every French vessel containing alcohol. It's hinting to the fact that there are so many rules and regulations in France, especially in wine. The bureaucracy is quite insane in France - what you can and can't do, how you should make wine, what grapes you can grow in each region, etc. Paul says Corinne had half a glass here and there during her pregnancies, and it did no harm. And the other part to it is the name - 'last born'. After three kids, they said no more! Stop being pregnant and you can start drinking again ;) Glou glou alert! Dark berries. Wild. Sauvage. Very expressive. In amongst the berries are hints of cocoa and coffee. That tiny bit of volatile that lifts everything – very expressive. Dark red roses, blackcurrants, and dark mineral undertones. You can tell this has lots of energy. To taste – boom! The first thing you notice is the texture. Humming with a tiny amount of gas, it feels quite luscious, yet energetic - rather than fine and linear. That buzzing texture. Very easy to drink. Super bright in the mouth. Cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and lots of boysenberries. Cherry stones on the finish. It’s ripe but restrained. It’s so tasty and so much fun to drink. A wine you don’t have to think about too much – you just slam it. At the bar, or at a picnic, this is the one. For its gluggable tendencies, it has nice tension and a mineral line through it. The slight savouriness and mineral impact means its not just a fruit bomb. I love how I can smell their cold cellar in this wine. Purple wine gums. So juicy. Sick wine, so much flavour. I recommend to pull this from the fridge, and then just leave it on the table. Maybe not for the lawyer in the suit, but more for those who love to have a bit of fun and let their hair out. - Ryan Larkin